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(in chemistry) to clear a turbid liquid by allowing any suspended matter to settle, by adding a substance that precipitates any suspended matter, or by heating. clarification, n.

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Q. Can someone…clarify which is the best and reliable one? Hi I am 23 years woman............ I am confused with the different type of tests and diagnosis my friend is having as she is being suspected for breasts cancer. Can someone…clarify which is the best and reliable one?

A. Please understand that all the tests that are being carried out are reliable and it would entirely depend upon the requirement and treatment stages. They would also depend upon age groups , stages of cancer etc. In general the different types are: clinical breast examination done by the clinicians in a clinic. Mammogram, which are special X-ray to check abnormal growth changes in the breast tissues. Chance of cyst to be confused by breast cancer is resolved by ultrasound. To check if the particular tissue is cancerous is done by breast biopsy.

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Exempt all mark-to-market losses from the definition of a section 165 loss transaction; clarify the treatment of hedges and hedged transactions for purposes of the section 165 loss category; and, in addition to creating an exception for losses on sales of securities on an established securities market, consider creating an exception for section 165(g) losses.
At the heart of Viking Freight's Clarify solution is a comprehensive customer data model defining the company's multi-faceted customer relationships.
I don't think Clarify will continue as a standalone CRM contender, it will become more of a Nortel hardware, software sell - a bundle rather than a strategy," she said.
When combined with PCTEL's patented Clarify Analyzer algorithms, the Clarify NGx provides superior dynamic range for UMTS and GSM, technologies which will remain the backbone of many of the world's wireless networks for years to come.
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com telebusiness representatives rely on Clarify eFrontOffice every time they need to sell subscription renewals.
Regulations are needed to clarify the scope of Notice 98-5, relating to the denial of foreign tax credits in certain "abusive" situations, including examples of when the ruling may apply.
Clarify is focused on sales to $250m to $500m middle market companies.
To clarify the matter, the ASB incorporated modified versions of two interpretations of SAS no.
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Clarify is the only e-business provider that gives companies a single view of all their interactions with customers, while also giving customers a single view of all their interactions with the company.