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(in chemistry) to clear a turbid liquid by allowing any suspended matter to settle, by adding a substance that precipitates any suspended matter, or by heating. clarification, n.

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Q. Can someone…clarify which is the best and reliable one? Hi I am 23 years woman............ I am confused with the different type of tests and diagnosis my friend is having as she is being suspected for breasts cancer. Can someone…clarify which is the best and reliable one?

A. Please understand that all the tests that are being carried out are reliable and it would entirely depend upon the requirement and treatment stages. They would also depend upon age groups , stages of cancer etc. In general the different types are: clinical breast examination done by the clinicians in a clinic. Mammogram, which are special X-ray to check abnormal growth changes in the breast tissues. Chance of cyst to be confused by breast cancer is resolved by ultrasound. To check if the particular tissue is cancerous is done by breast biopsy.

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Description : Install 3rd ground water monitoring well, replace final clarifier skimmers and install hoist/crane lifting system inside headwork building.
This is Milliken's most significant capital investment in its Millad clarifier business to date, underscoring the company's continued leadership position in clarifier technology.
Due to weight limitations of the catwalks, one line was placed on each catwalk of the clarifiers while the second line was fastened to the outer wall.
Irgaclear XT 386 also tolerates higher compounding and processing temperatures than many other clarifiers, and maintains its effectiveness even when subjected to multiple processing cycles, as if often the case when regrind or recycled resin is used, says Ciba.
Showing color and additive concentrates: uv stabilizers, antioxidants, antistats, antimicrobials, clarifiers, slip agents, flame retardants, processing aids.
A pipe dumps a steady flow of various bacteria and protozoa into the primary clarifiers.
Applications include: man-entry sized concrete sanitary sewer structures including manholes, overflow storage tanks, digesters, wet wells, sedimentary tanks, clarifiers, etc.
Moisture cure urethanes, known for their easy use and excellent durability, are a popular choice for coating water tanks, clarifiers and secondary containment.
The product line will include white color concentrates, mold releases, uv absorbers, optical brighteners, matting agents, and clarifiers.
The development of compact and efficient unit operations such as influent clarifiers, demineralizers, membrane separation equipment, and BOD reduction facilities all provide "more for less" to the paper industry.
A standard range of free-standing conical clarifiers, for effluent treatment, has been introduced by Carier Pollution Control Ltd of East Street, Braintree, Essex, tel:0137 632 3349.
Silicas are used as additives in a variety of applications, including paints, coatings, plastics and toothpaste and as clarifiers in edible oils and beer.