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(in chemistry) to clear a turbid liquid by allowing any suspended matter to settle, by adding a substance that precipitates any suspended matter, or by heating. clarification, n.

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Q. Can someone…clarify which is the best and reliable one? Hi I am 23 years woman............ I am confused with the different type of tests and diagnosis my friend is having as she is being suspected for breasts cancer. Can someone…clarify which is the best and reliable one?

A. Please understand that all the tests that are being carried out are reliable and it would entirely depend upon the requirement and treatment stages. They would also depend upon age groups , stages of cancer etc. In general the different types are: clinical breast examination done by the clinicians in a clinic. Mammogram, which are special X-ray to check abnormal growth changes in the breast tissues. Chance of cyst to be confused by breast cancer is resolved by ultrasound. To check if the particular tissue is cancerous is done by breast biopsy.

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In addition to determining changes necessary to audit procedures and training in accordance with your firm's quality-control procedures, you will need to revise firm guidance and audit methodology to refer to the clarified standards.
The tins of clarified butter had the labels and packaging materials with brand names of companies producing ghee.
Borpact clarified PP overcomes the technical challenge of combining transparency and low temperature impact in the thin wall, injection mouldable PR and delivers additional productivity benefits.
For the crab: Heat clarified butter in saute pan over medium-high heat and season crabs with salt and pepper.
HCFA clarified its position in the final rule, stating that the presumption of extended care benefits applies only to the period up to the reference date for the initial five-day assessment and not to subsequent assessments.
Other Medicare Required Assessment (OMRA): HCFA has clarified that an OMRA is required 8 to 10 days after all rehabilitation therapy is discontinued.
Codenomicon Clarified Situation Awareness solutions played a key role in the Locked Shields 2012 multinational cyber security exercise.
The NAB spokesman clarified that no approval of the said project has been given by the NAB at any stage.
Yesterday we received information about a factory producing spurious clarified butter.
Lyondell also now offers Millad 1988 clarified grades--PP33HR01 and PP43QW02 for injection molded food storage containers and closures.
TEI recommends that the regulations be clarified to exclude disclosure of these studies from the reporting requirements.
AB 270 clarified the current commission statutes for CPAs to prohibit the sale of services or products for a commission from the existing audit and review clients to include the officers or directors of those clients or client-sponsored retirement plans.