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A casualty removal device which can be disarticulated longitudinally, so the flat inner halves can be gently placed under the evacuee, then locked back together to remove the victim with minimal trauma to the spine


A litter, equipped with wheels, used for transporting patients. Synonym: gurney

basket stretcher

A stretcher made of metal or strong synthetic material in which a patient is placed so he or she can be securely extracted by Emergency Medical Services from an accident or otherwise inaccessible site. The stretcher may also be lifted by ropes. Synonym: Stokes stretcher

orthopedic stretcher

A metal stretcher that is hinged along its long axis and designed to be split so that it can be placed on both sides of the patient and then reassembled to lift the patient. Synonym: scoop stretcher

pole stretcher

A type of stretcher, also known as the Army type, composed of folding cloth or canvas supported by poles.

scoop stretcher

Orthopedic stretcher.

spineboard stretcher

A type of stretcher made from a wooden board or strong synthetic material used to secure patients with spinal trauma to prevent movement and possible paralysis; also called a long backboard.

split-frame (scoop) stretcher

A metal stretcher that can be split down the middle, slid under a patient, and reconnected. This device is used for moving patients from narrow spaces but is not designed for spinal immobilization.

Stokes stretcher

Basket stretcher.
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Hypertherm's more than 220 consumable products fit securely into four clamshell designs, down from six in PVC, reducing the number of SKUs the company needs to inventory.
This brings me to the reason for this column: To make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors by creating the Path to Clamshell Pond on Rauscher Farm.
This robotic Packaging Automation Cell, which gently packs clamshells into cases at high speeds, is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership by delivering a standardized, fully-integrated solution that can be dropped into any line.
Realized by NEC's cutting-edge technology, the W-CDMA clamshell handset featuring 3G international roaming is super slim, extra lightweight, weighs a mere 90g, and is only 11.
NatureWorks collaborated with the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research at Heidelberg in Germany which has produced a life cycle analysis of clamshell packs, comparing Ingeo against PET and rPET.
Clamshells are now hanging around the grocery store with Inline Plastics Corp.
One is called a slate because it has no built-in keyboard, and there is the clamshell, which is also called the convertible--it resembles a conventional laptop with a keyboard, but, like the slate, you can take notes and sketch on its screen.
Lube the pivot pins on the clamshell bucket every week.
In late 2003, both Gateway and Acer released Tablet PCs with 14-inch screens and Acer released the first true clamshell notebook with the Windows XP Tablet PC operating system.
will zero in on merchandising with a new freestanding retail display unit and clamshell packaging for all its cutlery lines.
The clamshell can fit more easily into your briefcase and on your lap than a lunchbox shape, which centers the weight and can be difficult to balance on your knees.