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Mr Reevell said: "I very much welcome the Government's initiative to clamp down on voting fraud.
We are determined to change this and will be proposing to introduce more flexibility into the current licensing regime to allow local authorities and the police to clamp down on alcohol-related crime and disorder hot spots within local night-time economies.
We need to clamp down on rogue employers and the only way to do this is to make sure that they pay the fines they are given.
Refs will also clamp down on players blocking opponents and shirtpulling in the box, mass confrontations, the violent use of elbows and reckless tackles.
Craig Thelwell, Hartlepool Council's environmental action manager, said: "This is a signal of our determination to keep the town clean and tidy and to clamp down on people who deliberately undermine our efforts.
The Government needs to clamp down on unnecessary lighting, especially in rural and sensitive locations.
There have been absolutely no directives or orders from UEFA or anyone else to referees to clamp down harder.
Viana needs help from Brasilia, which should finance sustainable programs nationwide, as well as clamp down on entrenched political forces that continue to raze forests in the name of unfettered development.
In a separate statement, Chancellor Gordon Brown was due to brief MPs on plans to clamp down on terrorist financing.
The PLO agreed to clamp down on terrorist attacks and to recognize Israel's right to exist.
Laws that clamp down on cigarette sales to minors elicit compliance from many merchants, but they barely make a dent in teenagers' ability to obtain the forbidden smokes, according to a study in the Oct.