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The yellow clam Mesodesma mactroides (Deshayes, 1854) is an intertidal sandy beach bivalve that is distributed along the Atlantic coast of South America from Brazil to Argentina (Rios, 2009).
The Scottish Government said: "Some vessel operators have been using the technique to gather significant quantities of razor clams worth several thousands of pounds at current market prices in a single fishing trip."
A council spokeswoman said: "Officers from Conwy County Borough Council, working with officers from Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government Inshore Fisheries Unit, visited the area and spoke to the individuals who had been harvesting the razor clams.
12 ( ANI ): Researchers have been able to create robotic devices after observing snails and clams.
The "String-of-Pearls Project" started last year and it has increased the population of other giant clam species like the Tridacna squamosa, also known as the fluted giant clam in the same family of Tridacna gigas and the Hippopus hippopus or known as the bear paw clam.
Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities on Sunday seized more than 400kg of clams from fishermen in Prey Nub district's Veal Rinh and O'Chrov communes and returned them to the sea.
Sunila (2006) reported a prevalence of 0.3% in wild clam surveys from the coast of Connecticut from 1997 to 2006.
When you purchase clams, be sure they're closed, or close immediately when tapped with a finger.
On any given day, Peter's Clam Bar, which was founded in 1939, goes through between 3,000 to 4,000 clams, Yamali said.
The notice states: "This closure has been imposed for fishery management purposes and is intended to conserve and protect razor clam stocks."