claims submission

claims sub·mis·sion

(klāmz sub-mĭ'shŭn)
Electronic or manual transmission of data to payers or clearinghouses.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Oppong Danquah said the management of the scheme had put in place an electronic processing system (e-claims), along with in-house software for claims submission by providers, with the aim to make all processes swifter, including payments to providers.
It also said that it would launch a new digital hospital insurance claims portal and offer an AI-driven chatbot for claims submission in Hong Kong.
Snap2Claim delivers Smart Reader technology combined with intelligent, self-learning software; a mobile platform option for quick, simple, and convenient claims submission; advanced data capture for market research analytics; and a fully integrated SaaS engagement platform, OnDemand, powered by HMI.
Now customers are no longer required to visit branch offices and can use the online claims submission service for smooth uploading and tracking for their motor insurance claims.
However, the VA has introduced a new claims submission option that allows the department to complete a claim within 30 days of submission.
In September, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) unveiled the Decision Ready Claims (DRC) initiative, a disability claims submission option with accredited veterans service organizations (VSOs) that promises to deliver faster claims decisions to veterans and their families.
FlexMinder is a Seattle startup that helps healthcare administrators automate the insurance claims submission process.
Many private plans follow federal guidelines closely when determining their own claims submission, reimbursement, and medical necessity rules.
* "ICD-10 KPIs at a Glance," a checklist to analyze your progress and identify and address issues with productivity, reimbursement, claims submission, and other processes.
CMS also plans to create an ICD10 coordination center and appoint an ombudsman to answer questions about claims submission using ICD10.
CMS also plans to create an ICD-10 coordination center and appoint an ombudsman to answer questions about claims submission using ICD-10.