claims review

claims review,

n 1. in dental prepayment, the routine examination by a carrier or intermediary of the claim submitted to it for payment or predetermination of benefits; may include determination of eligibility, coverage of service, and plan liability.
2. in quality assurance, examination by organizations of claims as part of a quality review or use review process.
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RAMP will provide expanded opportunities for veterans to enter the new claims review process outlined in the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017, which was signed into law by President Donald Trump on Aug.
In July, policyholders--many of whom had been offered money from the claims review but had yet to respond --received letters that their cases would become inactive if they did not contact FEMA by July 31.
After ongoing discussions with FEMA, the senator secured extensions to two recent deadlines to Sandy claims review process, he led the effort to create, which has so far netted over $250 million for underpaid Sandy victims.
We wish to inform Yutuc that the SSS Medical Claims Review Committee (MCRC) has recommended the granting of Employees' Compensation (EC) Funeral Benefit for her deceased husband in October 2016.
In the most recent issue of its Claims Review, ITIC cites an incident in which an off-duty member of a tanker broker's operations staff received an individual phone and email message over the weekend from a colleague in a different office, asking for important instructions regarding the amount of cargo to be loaded to be passed on to a tanker owner.
The AGCS Global Claims Review analyzes over 100,000 corporate liability insurance claims from more than 100 countries, with a total value of $9.
Case in point: A manufacturer of high-end leather furniture achieved significant benefits as a result of the claims review.
GAO focused on what it identified as four key strategies that could help reduce improper payments: strengthening provider enrollment standards and procedures to ensure that only legitimate providers participate, improving prepayment controls, improving post-payment claims review and recovery of improper payments, and developing a robust process for addressing the vulnerabilities that have been identified.
CGI brings a 20-year track record of claims review success to the partnership, recovering nearly $69 million dollars in improper payments for Pennsylvania.
In addition, each RAC must employ a full-time medical director to assist in claims review.
Secondly, he said, based on prior Supreme Court decisions, "a carefully considered claims review is given great deference by the courts, making it more difficult to recover in a subsequent lawsuit.