claims attachment

claims at·tach·ment

(klāmz a-tatch'ment)
Additional medical information submitted along with an insurance claim.
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Code Set, Transaction, and Identifier Rules In Development Expected Date of Rules in Development Proposed Rules National Health Plan ID 4/2000 Claims Attachment 3/2002 National Individual ID On hold pending privacy legislation/regulations.
We are the only claims attachment solution that is 100% electronic from the provider to the payor.
SDS has been the leader in the release-of-information industry for over thirty years and has now added a Document Management division to provide on- and off-site document conversion and storage, an electronic document management system via a deployed software or ASP solution, and a claims attachment solution to help accelerate the revenue cycle for hospitals.
ATLANTA -- Smart Document Solutions (SDS), the premier provider of health information management services and solutions, is pleased to announce the release of their new electronic workflow claims attachment solution, Smart Attachment Manager(SM)(SAM).
NextGen Healthcare recently presented the results of the pilot project at the Second Annual Claims Attachment Forum, which was sponsored by the Association for Electronic Healthcare Transactions (AFEHCT), WEDI, Health Level Seven (HL7) and ASC X12.
Our joint efforts resulting in the electronic claims attachment proposal only foretell the advantages of this relationship to the industry.
HealthLogic Systems developed AllHealthLogic's Claims Attachment Document Exchange (CADX)--a Web-based electronic system that replaces the less efficient manual process.
Working with 250 hospitals and six large commercial insurers in California, AllHealthLogic created the Claims Attachment Document Exchange (CADX) -- a Web-based electronic system -- to replace the less efficient manual system, which is plagued with issues such as:
MEA/NEA), the leader in secure health information exchange, provided testimony to the Department of Health and Human Services National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Subcommittee on Standards regarding the operating rules for claims attachments.
Regulations to outline standards and operating rules for electronic claims attachments are planned.
The new Screen Capture utility allows users to save any part of the visible screen as a new document and save it to the Document Center (helpful for creating claims attachments from third-party imaging systems).