claims attachment

claims at·tach·ment

(klāmz a-tatch'ment)
Additional medical information submitted along with an insurance claim.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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In September 2018, Hyland Healthcare and Change Healthcare partnered to offer fully integrated medical claims attachment technology.
(3) While post service, the full clinical record could be used in claims attachment, denials prevention, and appeals workflows.
Code Set, Transaction, and Identifier Rules In Development Expected Expected Expected Date of Final Compliance Rules in Development Proposed Rules Rule Date Date National Health Plan ID 4/2000 4/2001 6/2003 Claims Attachment 3/2002 10/2002 12/2002 National Individual ID On hold pending privacy legislation/ regulations.
Code Set, Transaction, and Identifier Rules In Development Expected Date of Rules in Development Proposed Rules National Health Plan ID 4/2000 Claims Attachment 3/2002 National Individual ID On hold pending privacy legislation/regulations.
* Wrap the ORU in the BIN segment of an X12N-compliant 275 "claims attachment" transaction.
Regulations to outline standards and operating rules for electronic claims attachments are planned.
In the future, the CMS plans to issue additional rules mandating the adoption of standards for electronic funds transfer and remittance advice, a standard unique identifier for health plans, a standard for claims attachments, and requirements that health plans certify compliance with the standards and HIPAA operating rules.
Stage 6 hospitals also have achieved a significant advancement in their IT capabilities that positions them to successfully address many of the current industry transformations, such as meaningful use criteria in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, claims attachments for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, pay for performance, and government quality reporting programs.
The Atlanta-based company's solution enables healthcare claims attachments to be electronically transmitted to NEA' s repository, where insurance companies are able to view forms online.
The extent of the new transactions regulation is clear from the nine areas it covers: (1) health claims and encounter information; (2) enrollment and disenrollment information; (3) eligibility requests and responses; (4) payment and remittance advice; (5) health plan premium payments; (6) health claim status requests and responses; (7) referral certifications and authorizations; (8) health claims attachments; and (9)first report of injuries.