civil law

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ci·vil law

(si'vĭl lah)
The branch of legislation dealing with the rights and duties of citizens rather than with criminal acts.
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(14) Ultimately, the bottom line to the civil law rule in South Dakota is that natural drainage may be accomplished so long as there is not unreasonable injury to neighboring lands.
It is worth noting at the outset that Tullock's descriptions of the institutions of the common law and the civil law only scratch the surface, perhaps because he focused mainly on the efficiency of legal processes (judicial decision-making accuracy and its resource costs) and, moreover, intended to be provocative, even iconoclastic (Voigt 2017).
"Up to now, we feel the pain of loss as I consider Atio as a son because he was a former student of our faculty, and as the dean of our Faculty of Civil Law, I am the father.
The Philippine legal system is thus influenced by both the civil law and common law traditions.
* If the couple were married under civil law, out of community of property, this means that the property they had before their marriage remains their own individually and the property which they each accumulated during the marriage remains their own individually.
Civil law is the legal tradition of continental Europe, including France, Belgium, Spain and Italy which each had colonies in sub-saharan Africa.
of Russian family, Civil Law Section is devoted to obligation law reform
One such problem faced by readers is the recent news about the Supreme Court deciding that a "divorce" granted by an Ecclesiastical Tribunal is not valid in the eyes of the Civil Law, and, therefore, a Catholic who has obtained a declaration of nullity of marriage cannot be married validly in a secular Court, without first getting a divorce in a secular Court.
For example, common law terms may have no true equivalent in a civil law legal system.
In reading the October 1 News, regarding the article "Many lawyers are still holding themselves out as civil law notaries," it seems to me that there is a simple solution.
in this territory" who "shall make the civil law by which this
Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister appreciated army's consistent assistance and training support for police and civil law enforcement agencies for their capacity-building to counter terrorism and reiterated immense acknowledgement for army's sacrifices and accomplishments in Operation Zarb-e-Azb.