civil action

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civil action,

n proceedings presented in civil courts.
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ERISA Section 4003(f)(1) states that, except with respect to withdrawal liability disputes with multiemployer plans, "any person who is a fiduciary, employer, contributing sponsor, member of a contributing sponsor's controlled group, participant or beneficiary, and is adversely affected by any action of the corporation [PBGC] with respect to a plan in which such person has an interest, or who is an employee organization representing such a participant or beneficiary so adversely affected for purposes of collective bargaining with respect to such plan, may bring a civil action against the corporation for appropriate equitable relief in the appropriate form.
The best way to avert liability under Section 1983 is to avoid the constitutional violations that underlie the civil actions.
He would be unlikely to conduct a civil action in Scotland himself because of a lack of experience with Scots law.
Suffice it to say that the reader leaves A Civil Action convinced that a courtroom is almost never a logical place to go if you want to solve society's problems, even when justice is on your side.
The scope of the immunity granted to a foreign government entity in a civil action is governed by the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA).
A judge said evidence heard in her original trial can be included in the civil action to block her from picking up any of Tom Nevin's assets when she walks free.
A High Court judge ruled that the multi-millionaire recruited two "highly dangerous thugs" to murder Mohammed Raja in order to halt a civil action Mr Raja was bringing against him.
The family of murdered Belfast father-of-two Robert McCartney are considering a civil action against his killers similar to the case against people accused of the Omagh bomb.
The Anti-Hoax Terrorism Act, which Smith introduced and to which Schiff is one of several original co-sponsors, makes perpetrators of terrorism hoaxes subject to at least five years in prison in addition to liability in a civil action and liability for reimbursing any costs connected to the false alarm.
The civil action summons would also name former Leeds reserve team striker Tony Hackworth, now with Notts County, who was cleared of assault in the first trial earlier this year.
FORMER MI5 officer David Shayler yesterday won a court order preventing civil action against him while facing criminal trial on charges of breaking the Official Secrets Act.
Not surprisingly, the wife and young son of Babatunde Ayeni filed a civil action against CBS, the camera crew, and the law enforcement officers who took part in the search of their home.