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A group of genetically identical individuals descended from one progenitor, as a group of trees that have all sprouted from the roots of a single parent; a clone.
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Q. Are there genetic factors involving allergies? My entire family suffers from different allergies. It is clear that there is a connection, is that true?

A. The risk of allergic sensitization and the development of allergies varies with age, with young children most at risk. It is known that there is a strong genetic relation and allergies are usually common among family members. Ethnicity may play a role in some allergies, however racial factors have been difficult to separate from environmental influences and changes due to migration.

Q. Is celiac genetic? I have one son with celiac disease from my first marriage and me second wife is now pregnant,I was wondering what are the chances for this soon to be born daughter of mine to have celiac as well- if I maybe carry the genetic flaw and is there a way to find out?

A. Celiac disease is a very common illness (about 1 in a 100 people suffer from it in different levels), and it is known to have a strong genetic connection. However, there is not one specific mutation that you can get genetic testing to see if you are carrying it. Your soon to be born daughter will have a higher chance than the regular population to suffer from the disease, but it does not necessarily mean she will.

Q. is Bipolar genetic?

A. Bipolar disorder has a very strong genetic background: The approximate lifetime risk of this disease in relatives of a bipolar patient is 40 to 70 percent for a monozygotic (identical) twin and 5 to 10 percent for a first degree relative, compared with 0.5 to 1.5 percent for an unrelated person.

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It is called an otter civet, and there, in the beam of Siti's torch, was this extraordinary animal, snuffling along in a ditch.
Similarly, Large Indian Civet (Viverra zibetha) from Kathmandu (Machhegaun, Farping, Chandragiri) and Palpa and Masked Palm Civet (Paguma larvata) from Kathmandu (Godawari, Chandragiri), Hetuada and Dhankuta were new records.
"The civet can smell and taste the best among the coffee berries," said Mr Kurniawan.
PK Kitchen's award-winning cakes and original cheesecakes make the best desserts to take with civet coffee or with the super-healthy smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables.
According to a press release Hermetise obtained by ( Bustle , "The Civet likes to eat cherry beans and while they love the taste, they are unable to break down the seed during digestion which produces a particular fermentation.
A member of the teaching staff was shocked to see a peculiar looking tail dangling from the ledge of a classroom and on further investigation; the animal was identified as a civet cat.
Not missing a single leaf or ground around the stem of the coffee trees they search for the droppings of sacred beans defecated and left behind by the Asian Palm Civet. A few are traders or civilians from nearby villages, but the vast majority are small-holder coffee farmers.
Summer Wine Brewery Kopikat Imperial Mocha Stout, PS3.69/330ml bottle, available at Discount Supermarket, Whitchurch Road, Cardiff The Summer Wine Brewery is based in Holm-firth, West Yorkshire, and makes a range of beers, including this one which includes in the ingredients coffee beans that have passed through the digestive tract of the Indonesian Civet cat.
Agro-tourism which is developing in Bali and became a trend of tourists visit this time is the agro tourism based of polyculture plantation with icons civet coffee.
"In the recent years, leopards, chital, wild pig, brown palm civet, leopard cat, small Indian civet, langur, and bonnet macaque have been killed by motorists," Kulkarni pointed out.
3 THE world's most expensive coffee is made with beans that pass through a civet cat.
Trung Nguyen also produces speciality beans and roasting including a variety called "Legendee" created to mimic the flavour of coffee brewed from beans recovered from the feces of civets. Civet coffee is considered a delicacy.