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A monoterpene aldehyde consisting of both geometric isomers found in oils from lemon, orange, verbena, and lemon grass; citral-A is the trans-isomer and citral-B is the cis-isomer (neral).
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The percentages of the main compounds were: EOLA-C: 55.28% citral, EOLOCa: 47.20% carvacrol (BECKER et al., 2018), and EOLA-L: 59.66% linalool (HELDWEIN et al., 2012).
citratus essential oil and its main components, citral and myrcene, on the bacterial viability of S.
These flavourants included linalool, dipentene, and citral, which are often used to give products citrus or floral notes.
This peak is characteristic of several main components of essential oils, such as: limonene [31], main constituent of lemon oil [30], thymol, linalool, citral [32], terpinem4-ol, and diterpenes and sesquiterpenes, constituents of copaiba oil [30].
The result revealed that the major essential oils from turmeric rhizomes are Eucalyptol (76.46%), [alpha]-Terpinene (4.41%), [gamma]-Terpinene (3.32%), p-Cymene (1.31%), and [alpha]-Terpineol (0.62%) while [alpha]- Zingiberene (17.43%), [beta]-Sesquiphellandrene (3.10%), Eucalyptol (2.75%), Furfaral (1.76%), [alpha]-Terpineol (1.35%), endo-Borneol (1.31%), Limonene (1.21%), Thunbergol (0.84%), Citral (0.56%), Oxirane (0.45%), Caryophyllene oxide (0.42%), Nerolidol (0.31%), exo-Norborneol (0.27%), cis-Verbenol (0.12%), Linaloloxide (0.06%), and Squalene (0.02%) are the major essential oil compounds detected in ginger rhizomes.
To illustrate this further, contact dermatitis has been reported with a number of commonly used massage essential oils, including turmeric, eucalyptus and tea tree oils, lavender oil, citral (lemon oil), ylang ylang, sandalwood, and jasmine absolute.
The principal constituent of the herb is an essential oil that contains citral, citronellol, limonene, geraniol and metatabilacetone.
It is interesting to note that limonene, [beta]-caryophyllene, p-cymene, linalool, citral, apinene, and 1.8-cineole are common compounds of essential oils of Lippia sp.