cisternal puncture

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pertaining to a cistern, especially the cisterna cerebellomedullaris.
cisternal puncture puncture of the cisterna cerebellomedullaris with a hollow needle inserted just between the occipital bone, to obtain a specimen of cerebrospinal fluid. See also lumbar puncture.
Patient Care. Preparation of the patient for this procedure should include a detailed explanation, because insertion of a needle so close to the brain may cause apprehension. The physician may request that the back of the neck be shaved. The patient is positioned on either side with the head bent forward and held firmly by an attendant. Complications seldom occur, but the patient should be observed for signs of dyspnea or cyanosis during and immediately after the procedure. A cisternal puncture is often done in the outpatient clinic, and the patient is allowed to go home soon after it is completed.
Cisternal puncture.


1. the act of piercing or penetrating with a pointed object.
2. a wound so made.
cisternal puncture see cisternal puncture.
lumbar puncture (spinal puncture) see lumbar puncture.
sternal puncture see sternal puncture.
tracheoesophageal puncture surgical creation of a tracheoesophageal fistula to hold a one-way plastic valve to restore speech after Laryngectomy.
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cis·ter·nal punc·ture

passage of a hollow needle through the posterior atlantooccipital membrane into the cerebellomedullary cistern.
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cis·ter·nal punc·ture

(sis-tĕr'năl pungk'shŭr)
Passage of a hollow needle through the posterior atlantooccipital membrane into the cisterna cerebellomedullaris.
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