interpeduncular cistern

(redirected from cisterna basalis)

in·ter·pe·dun·cu·lar cis·tern

a dilation of the subarachnoid space rostral to the basilar pons and ventral and caudal to the mammillary bodies where the arachnoid membrane stretches across between the two temporal lobes over the base of the diencephalon. See: interpeduncular fossa.
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Pierre, French anatomist, 1725-1761.
Tarin space - a dilation of the subarachnoid space in front of the pons. Synonym(s): interpeduncular cistern
Tarin tenia - a slender, compact fiber bundle that connects the amygdala with the hypothalamus and other basal forebrain regions. Synonym(s): terminal stria
Tarin valve - a thin sheet of white matter hidden by the cerebellar tonsil and attached along the peduncle of the flocculus and to the nodulus of the vermis. Synonym(s): inferior medullary velum
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