coupling phase

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cou·pling phase

the physical relationship of two syntenic genes. If they are on the same chromosome, they are said to be "in coupling" or "in the cis phase"; if on opposite members of a chromosome pair, "in repulsion" or "in the trans phase."
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In this study, based on XRD data from Figure 3 at 10 h, pure CIS phase is observed with 0.5-1 micron spherical particles, worm-like, irregular shaped nanoparticles as shown in Figure 4(a).
At 20 h process, pure tetragonal CIS phase was observed.
[16] obtained pure CIS phase at 2000C for 15 hours.
In addition, the weight loss of path B was about 0.1% at 350[degrees]C and about 2.5% at 600[degrees]C, which indicated that the path B might require higher reaction temperature to form CIS phase. As a result, the path B for synthesizing CIS phase was relatively difficult at 350[degrees] C, while the solid state reaction kinetics of path A was presumably dominated by [In.sup.3+] ions diffusion [15].