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- Report on the activities of the Council of Heads of Statistical Services of the CIS member states in 2018
Coming out of two devastating civil wars in Abkhazia and South Ossetia that led to the practical (but not the official) independence of those republics, and facing many other internal political, economic, and security challenges, the exhausted Georgian government joined the CIS in December 1993 to secure Russia's assistance, as the main backer of its breakaway republics, in dealing with those republics (Corso, 2005).
To analyze the effects of AE and Cis on food intake and body weight, the animals were treated with the vehicle (NC), AEH, Cis + AEL, and Cis + AEH.
At the Commonwealth summit in 2004, it was decided to establish the CIS Security Council to combat terrorism in Astana.
"The instruction of Director Magalong is for us to recruit again the services of the former CIS members as civilian agents where they (CIS) will be given CIDG identification cards, provided they will assist the agency in intelligence gathering and provide information," said Chief Inspector Ruben S.
Because the CIS powder was aggregated into microscale particles and the average particle sizes were approximately 3-8 [micro]m, it could not be used as the source materials to form the CIS absorber layers as the spray coating method (SCM) was used.
In recognition of this outstanding achievement, Andy Penman, group managing director of CIS, was presented the award by Eric Wiles, RoSPA Trustee at the RoSPA Occupational Health & Safety Awards Ceremony in Birmingham.
A native of Alexandria, Louisiana, he has served as a staff cardiologist for CIS in Lafayette since 2009.
From the first moment the governor declares a budget shortfall, CIs start feeling the sting.
Synopsis: Despite Georgia's recent withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), two-thirds of Georgians interviewed in May expressed the need for cooperation among some or all CIS member countries.
Health education researchers have called for research articles in health education to adhere to the recommendations of American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association regarding the reporting and use of effect sizes and confidence intervals (CIs).