cirrhosis of the liver

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cirrhosis of the liver

The late effects of long-term damage from various toxic or damaging agencies such as alcohol, organic poisons and viruses. Cirrhosis is the replacement of part of the normal tissue of the liver by inert, non-functioning fibrous tissue. It is the end stage of disorders which have been so damaging to the organ that the normal processes of regeneration have been unable to cope. The whole structure of the organ is invaded by fibrous tissue, causing it to become nodular. Within large nodules, some normal liver tissue may survive, but most of the functioning liver tissue is replaced. Blood now unable to pass through the liver has to try to find an alternative route back to the heart. It can do this by way of the veins draining the upper part of the intestine, especially those in the stomach and at the lower end of the gullet (OESOPHAGUS). But, in the process, these veins become greatly enlarged and varicose and one of the most serious complications of cirrhosis is bleeding from these VARICES with vomiting of blood. A study published in January 2006 showed that mortality rates from cirrhosis in Britain rose sharply in the 1990s and that the rates in Scotland more than doubled. These rises are attributed almost exclusively to excessive alcohol consumption.
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Cirrhosis of the liver

A type of liver disease, most often caused by chronic alcohol abuse. It is characterized by scarring of the liver, which leads to an increase in the blood pressure in the portal veins.
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Patient discussion about cirrhosis of the liver

Q. What is Liver Cirrhosis? I read that alcohol can lead to liver cirrhosis. What does cirrhosis mean?

A. The word "cirrhosis" is a neologism that derives from Greek kirrhos, meaning "orange-yellow". In this condition, the liver appears yellow in pathology from all the tissue changes and damage caused to it. Cirrhosis has many possible causes. Sometimes more than one cause is present in the same patient. In the Western World, chronic alcoholism and hepatitis C are the most common causes. The sick liver gradually loses its function, therefore leading to end stage liver disease that ultimately requires liver transplant.

Q. What are the risks of cirrhosis of liver? My dad has cirrhosis and I would like to know what are the risks and how does it get treated.

A. Death!

Q. Is alcoholism very much related to cirrhosis? I have heard that people who drink a lot get cirrhosis….is alcoholism very much related to cirrhosis?

A. HELLO ROHAN,YES alcoholism is related to CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER.liver cancer developes in about one in five sufferers of cirrhosis.HIGH alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancers of the mouth,tongue,pharynx(back of the throat),larynx(voice box),and esophagus,---liver disease caused by a high alcohol consumption include (fatty liver)-(alcoholic hepatitis)(cirrhosis)and liver cancer.ALCOHOLISM causes nervous system disorders,(confusion)(disturbance of speech)(weakness in the legs)(psychosis).the heart is affected by reducing pumping efficiency,usually combined with edema(fluid collection in the tissues.---mrfoot56

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In 2006, he announced he was seeking treatment for alcoholism and was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. With about a month to live, he received a liver transplant in 2007.
One study will investigate the use of Cytori's cell therapy as a treatment for ischemic heart failure and the other as a treatment for cirrhosis of the liver.
The virus, if left untreated, can cause cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, and death.
Half the recruits for the study will have cirrhosis of the liver and the other half, the control group, will have been heavy drinkers for 10 years but be free of liver disease.
Alcohol is fuelling a rise in death rates from liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver, while obesity is also thought to be playing a part.
Alcohol is fuelling a rise in death rates from liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver while obesity is also thought to be playing a part.
Regularly drinking more than the recommended amount can increase your risk of mouth, throat and stomach cancers, high blood pressure, serious heart problems and cirrhosis of the liver.
Hepatitis B is a chronic disease which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. There is no cure for the condition.
Infantile cirrhosis of the liver in India (Synonym-Infantile biliary cirrhosis).
Internal organ failures and cirrhosis of the liver contributed to his death.
"This follows the admission this year from former health minister Caroline Flint that three children under the age of 18 have been diagnosed with alcohol related cirrhosis of the liver in the last six years."