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, cirrhogenic (sir-roj'ĕ-nŭs, -rō-jen'ik),
Rarely used term for tending to the development of cirrhosis.
[G. kirrhos, yellow (liver), + -gen, producing]
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Room (1984), Herd (1992), and Katcher (1993) offer historical perspectives on the re-emergence of scientific interest in alcohol as a cirrhogenic factor in the period following publication of Terris's 1967 paper.
(1984) said it all in their paper's title--"Ethanol Is Cirrhogenic, Whatever the Beverage"--and did not cite Terris.
In de Lint's view, many methodological problems lay in the path of drawing a clear bead on beverage-specific cirrhogenic potentials (de Lint, 1977, pp.
Terris's narrative suggests that his paper sought, in effect, to rescue Jolliffe and Jellinek's (1942) correct emphasis on alcohol's cirrhogenic responsibility from the incorrect and revisionist non-alcohol emphasis of Lilienfeld and Korns's (1950) subsequent paper.