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bounded or limited; confined to a limited space.


Bounded by a line; limited or confined.
Synonym(s): circumscriptus
[circum- + L. scribo, to write]


Bounded by a line; limited or confined.


adjective Having distinct borders


Bounded by a line; limited or confined.
[circum- + L. scribo, to write]

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Q. Where would i find videos related to Fibromyalgia and treatment approach and all the surrounding?

A. Hello, you can find some videos here:,, and .

Q. how do i get out of the depression that surrounds me???? all the people i hang with are so depressed.. their negativity just infects me !!! i am a positive and happy person , or at least i was ... now after i met those people .. all they see is the bad in things ... and i feel i am developing the same approach ... what are you suggesting ? should i cut my relations with them ? some of them are really close friends ...

A. I really like your answer EasyToInsureME. Yes, new hobbies could work. Good luck and stay positive and strong.

Q. should a child with ADHD needs to have a different supportive environment and different care surrounding?

A. i'm not sure about your Q. - and ADHD needs a different way of education and attention them most children. but if you're thinking of "special education", then no. they are usually very bright children, they can manage regular school but need to be treated and extra care and patience...

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Perhaps other investigators considered small, flattened, hyper- or hypopigmented septal mucosa to be possible VNOs; we included only endoscopically discernible circumscribed pits in our anatomic assessments.
Howe is careful to acknowledge both the radical and the conservative nature of women on the stage: they were allowed a limited opportunity to present themselves to the public in a new way, yet their possibility for expression was always circumscribed by the social circumstances of their culture (they never, for instance, received the same monetary reward as their male counterparts).
In this piece, a swivel chair hanging from a circular track mounted on the ceiling circumscribed a square shed with luminescent fiberglass walls.
Lichen spinulosus is an underre ported entity, first described in 1908 by Adamson as superficial circumscribed chronic dermatitis in children and adolescents.
Lichen spinulosus is an underreported entity, first described in 1908 by Adamson as superficial circumscribed chronic dermatitis in children and adolescents.
Multiple circumscribed areas of non scarring alopecia were also present over the moustache and beard (Figure 3).
The doctor is circumscribed by the limits of scientific knowledge.
The pathogenesis of extensive sclerosis and hyalinization occurring within a circumscribed thymoma, with very scant residual tumor, has been ascribed variously to "ancient" changes (4) or regressive changes.
It is characterized by presence of one or more circumscribed regions of curly/ kinky, smooth, shiny hair of woolly texture, generally of the lighter color than the normal hair over scalp.
He dissects the division of literature into bordered "worlds," circumscribed by lines of culture, style, and authorship.
Thirty-five of 39 cases had circumscribed choroidal hemangioma, and 4 cases had diffuse choroidal hemangioma.
Mass shape (round, oval, lobular, irregular), margin (circumscribed, microlobulated, indistinct, ill defined, spiculated) and density (high, equal, low, fat-containing) are defined in BI-RADS.