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Indirect, roundabout, wordy, or evasive speech, noted in Alzheimer disease and other dementias.
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From a perspective that takes the normative and epistemic challenges underlying the regulatory project seriously, the shift to more reflexive and circumlocutory forms of regulatory control seems highly attractive.
The circumlocutory reasoning that Israel must control all borders because there is no effective Palestinian Authority and there is no effective Palestinian Authority because Israel controls the borders is ready for change.
decreased fluency, and circumlocutory speech with frequent word-finding
With his penchant for self-regarding cliches and a gift for the circumlocutory obscenity of Nazi speech, throughout his trial Eichmann performed the only version of himself he had in a darkly comic homage to linguistic idealism.
In contrast, McGlashan's version is straightforward, except perhaps for two points: the insertion of the noun "greatness," where it is Siva himself who is difficult to comprehend or to speak about, and the somewhat circumlocutory "he shines the brightest of ail heavenly lights" for what literally means "he whose light has no measure." In terms of syntax, both Ramachandran and McGlashan chose a series of sentences to render the juxtaposition of nouns ariyavan, veniyan, cotiyan, and atuvan, while I have tried to show in my translation that the entire stanza can also be read as one single exhortative sentence.
By contrast, Chapman claims that his own, circumlocutory methods offer a more effective means of preserving Homer's intended meaning.
He asked few questions and was tolerant of lengthy, circumlocutory replies.
While none of these works, nor even the quintet as a whole, can fairly lay claim to definitiveness on the topic (economic and foreign policies go generally underattended throughout), each enriches the already expansive literature of the field, and their publication attests to the New Right as perhaps the most fertile analytical ground available for scholars seeking to understand the contemporary United States in all its circumlocutory political perversity.
Too abstract, circumlocutory, and rhetorical for his taste, Ben-Gurion spurned the stylish Sharett version, which is still extant.
Lucia remains faithful to Renzo when Donna Prassede tries to distance her from him, and here more than anywhere, Spinazzola observes, the circumlocutory formula used to designate love exalts its irresistible force:
On the sexual aspect of this love he was circumlocutory; not only was homosexuality illegal it tended to enter public discourse in the context of scandals or denunciations of decadence.