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In so doing, he manages to educate readers without risking the loss of their attention through pleonasms or circumlocution.
Henderson judged that Lange, despite his penchant for quip and circumlocution that confused some interlocutors and his reluctance to engage in detail with his officials, handled both the ANZUS and Fiji coup issues 'well'.
Therefore I was quite surprised to read the circumlocution "f-words.
Circumlocution is an orally-based organizational pattern which is marked by a lack of conjunctions other than "and" to connect anecdotes.
The most common replacement strategies are approximation, synonymity, and circumlocution or paraphrase.
In his defense, Bush stated that "the people responsible in our government have reviewed this transaction"--a Clintonian circumlocution even the Republican toadies on Capitol Hill did not accept.
But the fact that the book centres on the Swiftian extravagance of the Circumlocution Office (rather than an actual department of Whitehall) testifies to the huge importance of that 'incantatory rhetoric' both here and throughout the canon.
Some publishers appear to shy away from the word "newsletter," preferring to call it an "intelligence service" or some other circumlocution that evades telling the prospect at this point that this is a subscription solicitation.
William Kidd highlights the ways in which circumlocution and ambiguity became essential features of war memorials in Alsace-Lorraine, while in other regions marked by antipathy towards the centralizing spirit of the French state linguistic and other sculptural features of local war memorials of both the First and Second World Wars also undercut the habitual conjugation of respect for the dead with expressions of national unity.
The MPs speak of "poor standards of transparency" - which is Parliamentary circumlocution for plain "deceptive" or "misleading".
Acronyms, circumlocution, and abstractions--tools that helped soldier-scholar Bard Maeland carry out a U.
New Worlders, believing that winemakers were omnipotent, often dismissed terroir as just another example of French obscurantism, a circumlocution that boiled down to moldy cooperage.