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cir·cum·fer·ence (c),

(ser-kŭm'fer-ens), [TA]
The outer boundary, especially of a circular area.
Synonym(s): circumferentia [TA]
[L. circumferentia, a bearing around]
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(c) (sĭr-kŭm'fĕr-ĕns) [TA]
The outer boundary, especially of a circular area.
Synonym(s): circumferentia [TA] .
[L. circumferentia, a bearing around]
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(sĭr-kŭm′fĕ-rĕns) [L. circumferentia]
The perimeter of an object or body.
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Health problems associated with a BMI in the obesity range include: | Type 2 diabetes | Stroke | Heart disease | Some cancers | Issues with fertility in women | Osteoarthritis For more information and advice search 'waist circumference' on SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT RASH?
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