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Surrounding the anus.
Synonym(s): perianal, periproctic
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6 Circumanal ring removed from abdominal apex; distance between hind margins of circumanal ring and caudal plate about equal to the length of circumanal ring 5'.-- Antenna irregularly 7 triangular.
In several free-living psyllids, such as Mesohomotoma and Psylla spp., the larvae are completely covered in abundant wax produced by wax glands which are connected to the circumanal ring and to additional pore fields on the caudal plate (Hodkinson 1974).
Circumanal ring oval, consisting of a single row of oval pores, near posterior abdominal margin; on each side of circumanal ring with 1 very long simple seta and a pair of short setae between posterior margins of circumanal ring and caudal plate.
Female terminalia relatively short with oval circumanal ring.
Circumanal ring oval, consisting of two rows of pores; inner pores subrectangular and outer ones oblong oval.