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sup][2] Progressive circulatory failures would result in the development of cellular hypoxia and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome during sepsis.
Exclusion of patients who did not experience respiratory arrest or patients with acute circulatory failure due solely to ventricular arrhythmias responding promptly to electrical countershock may affect overall CPR outcome[17, 13-16, 21, 24, 31].
Dengue symptoms can range from mild, flu-like symptoms to severe circulatory failure, coma and death.
Patients in circulatory failure due to volume loss may need generous levels of preload").
Its most severe form, dengue shock syndrome (DSS), is associated with hypotension, narrowing of pulse pressure (<20 mm Hg), and circulatory failure in 30% of cases.
It is a flu-like illness characterised by high fever,haemorrhaging,and, in some cases, circulatory failure.
Early correction of blood volume abnormalities may be useful in preventing circulatory failure and its complications, including organ failure, and in some cases death.
Symptoms include aches, fever, circulatory failure, then coma and death.
Monitoring central venous gases is an attractive alternative to monitoring mixed venous g in circulatory failure because central venous catheterisation is a less invasive procedure than pulmonary artery catheterisation.
DHF is characterized by high fever, vascular permeability, bleeding, enlargement of the liver, and circulatory failure (dengue shock syndrome).
Shipman, 53, of Hyde, Greater Manchester, gave the cause of death in July 1966 as circulatory failure.

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