circular fibers

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cir·cu·lar fi·bers

the circular fibers of the ciliary muscle.
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circular fibers

Collagen bundles in the gingiva that surround a tooth.
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Heinrich, German anatomist, 1820-1864.
Müller fibers - (1) circular fibers - (2) sustentacular neuroglial cells of the retina. Synonym(s): Müller radial cells
Müller muscle - Synonym(s): circular fibers; orbitalis muscle; superior tarsal muscle
Müller radial cells - Synonym(s): Müller fibers (2)
Müller trigone - the floor of the supraoptic recess of the third ventricle.


Charles M.B., French physiologist, 1824-1904.
Rouget cell - a cell with several slender processes that embraces the capillary wall in amphibia. Synonym(s): capillary pericyte
Rouget muscle - the circular fibers of the ciliary muscle. Synonym(s): circular fibers
Rouget-Neumann sheath - the amorphous ground substance between an osteocyte and the lacunar or canalicular wall.
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cir·cum·fer·en·tial fi·bers

(sĭrkŭm-fĕr-enshăl fībĕrz)
Fibers in free gingiva that encircle neck of the tooth.
Synonym(s): circular fibers.
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To test this idea, mantle tissue was dissected from an adult squid (see Methods) to provide samples of pure CMP circular fibers (plus radial fibers) and samples containing SMR fibers (plus contaminating CMP fibers as well as radial fibers).
Longitudinal sections confirm the difference in width of the myofilament zone in relation to the mitochondrial core of the two circular fiber types [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
Contrary to other spinning conditions such as mass throughput rate and take-up speed, spinning temperature has little effect on the final dimension in the circular fiber spinning process because of no change in drawdown, but it may induce change in final inner and outer diameters by moving the solidification point in the hollow fiber spinning.