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See circle.


(sĭr′kū-lar) [L. circularis]
1. Shaped like a circle.
2. Recurrent.

Patient discussion about circular

Q. Can you treat urinary incontinence by only making exercise of circular muscles? I heard the exercise help but dont know if it is enough by itself.

A. This technique you have mentioned is called "bio-feedback" and it helps many people with urinary incontinence, by raising your awareness to muscles in your body you don't usually pay attention to, thus making you able to control them better. I do not think this is an only way to treat incontinence, however with the addition of the proper medications you can find this very helpful.

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For example, the CIRC said the industry invested 16 billion yuan on the Beijing-to-Shanghai speed train project and 55 billion yuan on the eastern transportation network project.
In the event of catastrophe loss, Swiss Re, as the lead reinsurer, will bear 70% of the total risk, while China Re will take up the remaining 30%, said the CIRC.
6% of gross revenue in all circ groups except 25,000-50,000.
The Circ would introduce hundreds of tons of new stormwater pollution to Champlain each year, including sediment, phosphorus, and heavy metals; the lake's phosphorus pollution already rivals that of the Great Lakes--when they were considered dead.
Let's start with the Journal's tabloid sibling, the New York Post: This scrappy paper once boasted of big gains in the city, but its circ wins in the past arguably had more to do with its 25-cent price tag -- which doubled in May 2008.
The establishment of the CIRC by the LD aims to provide a one-stop job search and recruitment service platform for the construction industry.
For comparison purposes, in September 2007 reporting period, daily circ fell 2.
According to CIRC, in the first seven months of 2008, premium income in China's life insurance sector rose 66.
An official of the CIRC stated that this is the first time the authority has approved licences for Mainland mutual insurance companies, showing the CIRCs keenness to develop a multi-layer insurance industry in China.