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The scrambling of electronic information being stored and sent so that if someone wrongly receives such information it will not be readable.
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It allows proxy to convert a ciphertext for Alice under Alice's identity to one encrypted ciphertext under Bob's identity[10][6][8].
Liu, "Privacy-preserving ciphertext multisharing control for big data storage," IEEE Trans.
Yang, Li, and Niu [23] recommend vertical fragmentation of EMR database and introduce a hybrid search over plaintext and ciphertext.
Encryption algorithm: ciphertext = str (ASC + A + B* (password) mod (recno), (C), 3) A, B, C is a prime number.
The software prevents inference of keywords because queries for each search-even previously entered keywords-are encrypted into another individual ciphertext.
3) The sender uses formula (48) to encrypt the plaintext steam M, obtaining a ciphertext C = E(M, P).
Messages are not sent directly from senders to receivers but every message is sent to the MIX-server as a ciphertext.
An OTP uses a keystream of fully random digits that are combined with plaintext one at a time to form the ciphertext.
142) "Once ciphertext is in plain view, the communication itself
The resulting encrypted information or ciphertext not only is impossible to decipher (except for the legitimate key owner), but it is typically also impossible to process the underlying information solely by manipulating the ciphertext.
Then the sender encrypts SK with receiver's ID to generate the ciphertext C, and the receiver decrypts C with the private key dID issued by the PKG.
However, the final round is only consists of three stages: SubBytes, ShiftRows and AddRoundKey in producing the final encrypted data or ciphertext.