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, cineol (sin'ē-ōl, -ol),
A stimulant expectorant obtained from the volatile oil of Eucalyptus globulus and other species of Eucalyptus.
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Long irrigation interval increased 1, 8 Cineol, Camphor, [alpha]-Pinene, Sabinen hydrate, and [alpha]-Humulene; which reached their maximum records under IR3 treatment.
Its constituents are aromatic volatile oils and pungent chemicals such as borneol, cineol, gingerol.
(2009) observaram que a oxidacao provocada pelo composto eucaliptol (1,8-cineol) provocou a formacao dos compostos 2-exo-hydroxi-1,8-cineol, 2-endo-hydroxi-1,8 cineol, 3-exo-hydroxi-1,8-cineol e 3-endo-hydroxi-1,8-cineol, os quais resultaram na inativacao do patogeno.
Known as oil of curcuma, it contains borneol, cineol, curcumin, phellandrene, turmerone and zingerone.
It contains menthol, menthyl acetate, menthone, isovalerate, cineol, pinene and limonene.
(3) It also contains the essential oils [alpha]-pinene, limonene, carvone, cineol, camphore and bornel, as well as the glucosides chryanthinin, chrysanthemaxanthin, and yejuhualactone.
Furthermore, terpene derivatives have been identified (pinene, cineol).
A pilot plant designed by Western Power at Narrogin--190 km south-east of Perth-will extract the valuable oil, cineol, and use the residue to generate electricity.
A different chemotype has a higher level of 1,8 cineol, the major component of many Eucalyptus oils (3).