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name of company manufacturing stage lights.
Kleigl eye - exposure to intense lighting causing conjunctivitis, eyelid edema, tearing, and photophobia. Synonym(s): cinema eye
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This follows the BAFTA for Best Documentary, three Cinema Eye Honors and three Critics Choice documentary awards, Cinema Audio Society award, ACE Editors Guild Awards as well as PGA and DGA nominations.
It has won four awards in the Austin Film Critics Association in 2016, the Boston Society of Film Critics Association Awards and the Cinema Eye Honors Awards, alongside several nominations.
CINEMA Eye In The Sky (15) Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) is in charge of a secret drone mission to take out a group of suidice bombers.
Film took top honors at the Gotham, Cinema Eye and Intl.
"Rouch wished for the possibility of a marriage, a synthesis, between the human eye and the cinema eye - a fusion whose result would be a greater humanity and a greater objectivity at the same time." (1) In this vein Ahluwalia's use of the large 35mm camera (instead of digital video) can be understood in terms of not only the aesthetic but also Rouch's ethical motivations.
It is also in the running for a Cinema Eye award for non-fiction filmmaking, due to be announced in New York on January 10.