chylous ascites

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chy·lous as·ci·tes

, ascites chylosus [MIM*208300]
presence in the peritoneal cavity of a milky fluid containing suspended triglycerides, ordinarily caused by an obstruction or injury of the thoracic duct or cisterna chyli.

chylous ascites

an abnormal condition characterized by an accumulation of chyle in the peritoneal cavity. Chylous ascites results from an obstruction in the thoracic duct that may be caused by a tumor or by a destructive lesion, resulting in rupture of a lymph vessel. Also called ascites adiposus, chyliform ascites, chylosus ascites, fatty ascites, milky ascites. See also ascites.

chy·lous as·ci·tes

, ascites chylosus (kī'lŭs ă-sī'tēz, ă-sī'tēz kī-lō'sŭs)
Presence in the peritoneal cavity of a milky fluid containing suspended fat, ordinarily caused by an obstruction or injury of the thoracic duct or cisterna.
Synonym(s): chyloperitoneum.


1. abnormal accumulation of serous (edematous) fluid within the peritoneal cavity. Characterized by distention of the abdomen, a fluid thrill on percussion, a typical ground glass appearance on radiography and a positive result on paracentesis.
2. a disease of poultry with pulmonary arterial vasoconstriction associated with poor ventilation and oxygen levels, predisposed by high altitude and respiratory disease. There may be a genetic predisposition.

bilious ascites
see bile peritonitis.
cardiogenic ascites
that caused by cardiac insufficiency.
chylous ascites
see chylous ascites.
fetal ascites
affected fetuses are usually dropsical and cause dystocia, even the aborting ones; usually accompanies another defect, e.g. achondroplasia.


pertaining to, mingled with, or of the nature of chyle.

chylous ascites
distention of the abdomen with chyle.
chylous effusion
accumulation of chyle, usually in a cavity, e.g. pleural cavity.
chylous hydrothorax
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The abdomen was found to be normal on physical examination, and no signs of chylous ascites were found on ultrasonography images.
Chylous ascites is an uncommon finding with a reported incidence of approximately 1 in 20000 admissions at a large university-based hospital over a 20-year period (3).
In our patient, blunt abdominal trauma, which took place 3 days before his admission to our emergency service, was the cause of chylous ascites and chyloretroperitoneum.
Chylous leak after non-penetrating trauma, which constitutes the pathogenesis of traumatic chylous ascites, is generally attributed to hyperflexion-extension of the vertebral column with shearing of tethered lymphatics.
It is important to remember that chyle leaks slowly into the peritoneal cavity through lymphatic fistulas or by back-pressure on the intestinal lymphatics, and significant quantities of chylous ascites may take some time to accumulate (5).
In chylous ascites and chyloretroperitoneum the CT reveals a collection of fluid with a similar density to water and ascites (5).
Abdominal paracentesis is generally the most important diagnostic tool in evaluating and managing patients with ascites, and this issue is valid for chylous ascites as well.
1) reported that if the retroperitoneum is intact and retroperitoneal space is found to be bulging from the mesenteric root to the bifurcation of the aorta with a creamlike fluid collection without the presence of any chylous ascites intraoperatively, it is not recommended to open the retroperitoneum to avoid the formation of chylous ascites and to maintain the retroperitoneal compression.
Chylous ascites and chylothorax due to constrictive pericarditis in a patient infected with HIV: A case report.