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chukka, chukker

a term used in polo; a polo match is divided into six chukkas of 7 minutes each.
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First, Diamond Paints came near 4-6 in the second chukker and then 8-9.
The second chukker was evenly poised as both the teams scored two goals each, with Diamond Paints having 4-3 lead.
The teams were locked at 4-4 at the end of the fourth chukker, which took the match into the fifth, where the golden goal came into play to decide the winner.
The third chukker was evenly poised as two goals each were banged in by both the sides.
Hamza then banged in a brace to further stretch the team's lead to 6-0 while Edward fired a field goal to give Habib Metro 7-0 lead, which remained intact till the end of the match as no more goal was struck in the third and fourth chukker of the match.
But both teams failed to break the deadlock even in the fifth chukker in which no goal was scored.
But Tito did not look in a mood to give a free hand to rivals and in between the third and fourth chukker, architected two goals by hitting in one 30 yarder and producing another for Bilal to score which initiated the fourth quarter.
But in the all-important fourth chukker, all the four Maserati players scored while not conceding a goal to go into the final chukker sitting pretty with a 7-2 lead.
Charlton fired two goals in the fourth and final chukker, including the match-clinching penalty shot from 40 yards with just 20 seconds left.
Both the teams consisted some top- class players in the 19- goal match, which was played over six chukkers.
The first two chukkers of the match were evenly poised as both the sides scored two goals each.
It was a treat to watch how Hissam, who displayed quality polo skills to maintain his supremacy throughout the match and kept on scoring impressive goals one after another in all the four chukkers.