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chukka, chukker

a term used in polo; a polo match is divided into six chukkas of 7 minutes each.
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Inkkas started off with only a few colorful sneakers and has since exploded on the footwear scene with vintage inspired joggers, huaraches, camping boots and the anticipated arrival this coming fall of their suede chukkas.
ITF has acquired three mobile workshop unit for instrumentation and process control, industrial sewing and refrigeration and air-condition, saying that the fund also proposed to established 47 skills training centres and automotive parts manufacturing school and obtain eight more mobile workshop, said Chukkas.
The final chukka started with a well taken goal from Gonzalez to half the deficit and RCBPC began to apply the pressure in an attempt to level the game.
Members pay an annual fee of EUR600 plus a joining fee of EUR1,000 but if you just want to play chukkas (segments of a match), you can become a "chukka member" for just EUR450.
She got bumped off a climbing frame by some hoity-toity ladies who were using it to practise their chukkas before jetting orf to Nepal.
He played two chukkas - or quarters - until flopping into his chair at half time in pain.
However, it will not appear on Penguin Chukkas, which will instead benefit from a 16-week TV ad campaign on Cartoon Network from June 25.
The game is divided into chukkas, each of which lasts a minimum of seven minutes.
SO the arrers players at the World Matchplay aren't the only chukkas on telly today (geddit?
5, Outlier will be introduced across 22 skus at a suggested retail price ranging from $130 for oxfords to $140 for chukkas.
Led by patron Mohammad Al Habtoor, the Habtoor team controlled the game from the start to lead in all four chukkas to finish off in style.
After a thrilling four chukkas, England trotted off the field 6 - 5 the victors, and in so doing, denied their opponents Hong Kong China a third successive championship victory.