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chukka, chukker

a term used in polo; a polo match is divided into six chukkas of 7 minutes each.
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We lacked unity in the second chukka and this was only because most of my team's horses became tired.
Members pay an annual fee of EUR600 plus a joining fee of EUR1,000 but if you just want to play chukkas (segments of a match), you can become a "chukka member" for just EUR450.
Each horse may only be used for a maximum of two chukkas, which cannot be consecutive.
Each team has 10 horses for 2 chukkas and at half time they swap them to ensure no one has a horse advantage.
Zedan Polo made it to the final after battling during five intense chukkas against a really strong opponent that fought till the last seconds of the match.
Beach polo is played over four periods, known as chukkas, which last seven-and-a-half minutes each.
Liz was poshing it up at a polo match near Ascot where Princes William and Harry were playing a few chukkas.
How many periods, or chukkas, are there in a game of polo?
The game was divided into six 15-minute chukkas, three played each way.
The game is played with up to six periods of seven minutes, each known as chukkas.
Two mounted umpires ensure fair ruling, most of which are orientated around safety of horse and rider,as this fast and furious game of six alternating chukkas is played out.
McVitie's Penguin brand is to spread its wings around two new arrivals next month as Chukkas and Splatz join the portfolio.