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Timing of dosage of medication according to the circadian rhythms attached to the given disease.
See also: chronotherapy.
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(krŏn′ō-thĕr′ə-pyo͞o′tĭks, krō′nə-)
n. (used with sing. verb)
1. Medical treatment administered according to a schedule that corresponds to a person's daily, monthly, seasonal, or yearly biological clock, in order to maximize the health benefits and minimize adverse effects.
2. Treatment of a sleep disorder by altering an individual's sleeping and waking times and resetting his or her biological clock. In both senses also called chronotherapy.
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Any therapy based on the timing of physiologic and pathologic events.

Alternative medicine
The process in which a person’s daily activities are supposedly synchronised with a natural metabolic rhythm in a 24-hour cycle. Chronotherapy establishes routines of exercise, eating, work, study, rest and sleep.

The adminstration of chemotherapy doses synchronised to the body’s circadian rhythm. Chronotherapy may increase allowable doses of chemotherapeutics, while decreasing tumour burden and chemotherapy-related side effects.

Chronotherapeutics, core concepts
▪ Predictable pattern—Bioperiodic variation in manifestations of disease that are common to all individuals.
▪ Individual pattern—Variations in chronokinetics unique to one person.
Chronotherapeutics, relevance
▪ Variation in intensity of symptoms over time—e.g., allergic rhinitis, angina, asthma, MI, postsurgical pain, ulcer disease.
▪ Where therapeutic-to-toxic ratio varies predictably—e.g., chemotherapy.
▪ Where pharmacokinetics are known to be biologic rhythm-dependent—e.g., antihistamines, antihypertensives, heparin, NSAIDs.
▪ Where hormonal manipulation is intended to simulate the normal temporal ebb-and-flow hormone levels—e.g., insulin in IDDM, corticosteroid and luteinising hormone-releasing hormone.
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Timing of dosage of medication according to the circadian rhythms attached to the given disease.
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