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Measurement of intervals of time.
[chrono- + G. metron, measure]
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Moreover, no other non-math psychometric task could add to the predictive power of the chronometric task, indicating that the role of chronometry warrants further study.
The volume is divided into four sections of unequal length: 1) Improving the link between accessory phase chronometers and petrological information; 2) Advances in the chronometry of major minerals--pro-grade histories; 3) Texturally controlled ('in situ') chronometry; and 4) Understanding transport processes in rocks.
This is manifested in trade, with the replacement of the trader's memory by the meticulous checking of accounting receipts and expenditure; in music, with the graphic representation of sounds that was to transform the direction of composition and singing; in painting, with the geometric precision of perspective; in time, with the rigid chronometry of clocks; in space, with the technical organization of plans and navigational instruments.
Besides these mental chronometry studies, participants find it harder to learn people's names than other information about them (Cohen, 1990; Cohen & Faulkner, 1986).
Sm-Nd isotope systematics in garnet from different lithologies (Eastern Alps): age results, and an evaluation of potential problems for garnet Sm-Nd chronometry.
The results of the high-temperature chronometry provide a well constrained point for assessing the nature of uplift rates in the Meguma terrane during the waning stages of the Acadian Orogeny.
The age of the deposit, as determined by U-Pb chronometry on samples of xenotime and monazite (Scharer et al.
Roland Racevskis's recent study sets out to examine both chronometry and the epistemology of time in late seventeenth-century France, the latter especially as it is gleaned from works by Moliere.
The reversible timelessness of the imagination distinguishes it from the irreversible chronometry of memory and bends it toward the creation of art.