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Measurement of intervals of time.
[chrono- + G. metron, measure]
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We also use the aforemonetioned assumptions on small values and high order terms that reduce the chronometrically invariant differential operators to the regular differential operators: [sup.
The first (scalar) equation of the system of the conservation equations (39) means actually that the chronometrically invariant derivative of the vector [J.
alpha]] = 0 which is specific to any isotropic vector), [OMEGA] is the proper cyclic frequency of the photon, while d[sigma] is the three-dimensional chronometrically invariant (observable) spatial interval determined as d[[sigma].
2]--a chronometrically invariant expression of the condition d[s.
A chronometrically invariant criterion for gravitational inertial waves, formulated according to Zelmanov's idea, is:
3)] are chronometrically invariant and spatially invariant tensors, which have no more than first order derivatives of the wave functions [X.
The whole problem of representing Petrov's classification in chronometrically invariant form has been solved in [66].
As it easy to see, the Synge equation in its chronometrically invariant form (10) under the entanglement condition d[tao] = 0 becomes nonsense.