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Measurement of intervals of time.
[chrono- + G. metron, measure]
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Even without such a representation of the trajectory, the results showed that a chronometrical copy may provide some consistent and beneficial--though less precise--information.
In a similar fashion, the model for the CAT and SCA combination keeps the initial SCA verbal and spatial factors, groups the CAT RT and inspection time measures for a chronometrical factor, and specifies a fourth factor underlying the remaining variables of the combination.
Much of Pierre's subsequent failure to live up to a chronometrical standard of virtue derives from his naive understanding of self-renunciation, particularly as concerns the unsullied reputation of his father.
53) The term "calendar" became less likely to signify the whole cultural edifice and more likely to refer simply to the chronometrical framework.
To make the assessment, I need a standard clock, with the aid of which I can establish the chronometrical facts.
The authors have described the IS-Wel as ecological, which means that factors can interact across local, institutional, global, and chronometrical contexts.
The final context, chronometrical, reflects the recognition that people change over time in important ways.