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Measurement of intervals of time.
[chrono- + G. metron, measure]
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In Pierre the exploration of narcissistic disorder is based on the essay entitled "EI" (Greek = "IF") from Book XIV (III), in the guise of a series of 333 lectures by Plotinus Plinlimmon, from which only the first is reproduced: "Chronometricals and Horologicals," the "Portal" of the "new philosophy" (HMP: 293-300).
Context alphas were .66 (Global), .73 (Institutional), .74 (Local), and .79 (Chronometrical).
Even without such a representation of the trajectory, the results showed that a chronometrical copy may provide some consistent and beneficial--though less precise--information.
For the CAT and WISC-R combination, the selected model retains the WISC-R verbal factor and the WISC-R performance factor, regroups the CAT RT and inspection time measures to define a chronometrical factor, and regroups the WISC-R freedom-from-distractability indicators and the CAT learning and memory indicators to define the fourth group factor.
Much of Pierre's subsequent failure to live up to a chronometrical standard of virtue derives from his naive understanding of self-renunciation, particularly as concerns the unsullied reputation of his father.
To make the assessment, I need a standard clock, with the aid of which I can establish the chronometrical facts.