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n the arrangement of events in a time sequence, usually from the beginning to the end of an event.
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The editors (Roebroeks & van Kolfschoten) are both avowed short chronologists, and although this is supported by the majority of the contributors, notable exceptions (Valoch, chapter 5, and Bosinski, chapters 7 & 14) provide an opposing view.
In contrast, the short chronologists seek the reasons for, and behavioural responses to, colonization.
The landscape's flowering is fluid, what chronologists call a "floating sequence," a sequence the dates of which are relatively well known in relation to one another but not in relation to when exactly they will occur on the brittle Gregorian calendar in a specific place.
In recent times rock art chronologists have tried to adapt easel painting authentication strategies to the absolute dating of rock paintings.
However, it is virtually impossible to eliminate such sources and chronologists discount the reliability of C-14 dating if the concentration is below approximately 0.