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n the arrangement of events in a time sequence, usually from the beginning to the end of an event.
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Aardsma, "The Depth of Noah's Flood," The Biblical Chronologist 3, no.
The important statement for the chronologist is Willoughby's "I did myself the honour of calling in Berkeley-street last Tuesday.
Eade convincingly demonstrates that Southeast Asian chronologists employed a distinctive set of complex mathematical formulae and rules which allowed them to establish the date of the New Year each year, and maintain a progression of years that averaged exactly 365.
Aardsma, "The Age of the Earth, Virtual History, and Hebrews 11:3," The Biblical Chronologist 8, no.
Turning to the general issue of needs for the future: above all, good chronology spanning the deep-to-recent past is demanded of the chronologist, but advances in this direction could also usefully be met by a withdrawal by the archaeologist from the perception that only Pleistocene dates are `good' dates--to Indigenous Australians, the recent past is often of much greater interest than `deep time', but has been frequently overlooked by archaeological/scientific investigation.
We are not querying the celebrations but the year these are intended to be held, which is a year too soon, as any chronologist could confirm.
Quarles obtained the post of chronologist to London in 1640 and virtually abandoned poetry to employ his pen more lucratively.