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n the arrangement of events in a time sequence, usually from the beginning to the end of an event.
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But in this case, the separate chronologies are intertwined and eventually come back together.
On the basis of the data in the first two rows in table 2 one may conclude that of the four possible chronologies -1693, -1637, -1573, and -1517 (with calendar shifts smaller than standard deviations), the -1573 chronology provides the best fit to the Venus data (marked in table 2).
A two-stage detrending process was employed to standardize the ring-width chronologies using the program ARSTAN (Holmes, 1992).
14]C accumulation were similar to those of the reference chronologies, confirming that carbon recorded in the vertebrae is conserved through time.
This situation should improve as additional widely distributed long chronologies become available; however, it is clear from reconstructions of the last few hundred years that, although some variations may be globally synchronous, e.
At trial, you can create chronologies at a moment's notice.
The text is divided into nine main categories: overview, chronology, detailed chronologies, E.
Please compile all the chronologies of past issues into a book.
Not only was it difficult to match the chronologies of one political unit with another, but even within a given political unit things were hazy if you forgot the order of the rulers or how long each had ruled.
Out of 12 counts, the jury found North guilty on three: Count 6, "aiding and abetting" the administration's effort to deceive Congress by writing false chronologies about the arms-for-hostages initiative in Iran; Count 9, altering and destroying documents by shredding; and Count 10, accepting an illegal gratuity in the form of a $13,800 security fence paid for by Richard Secord with monies raised from the arms sales.