chronologic age

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1. the duration, or the measure of time of the existence of a person or object.
2. to undergo change as a result of passage of time.
achievement age a measure of achievement expressed in terms of the chronologic age of a normal child showing the same degree of attainment.
chronologic age the actual measure of time elapsed since a person's birth.
developmental age
1. age estimated from the degree of anatomical development.
2. in psychology, the age of an individual determined by degree of emotional, mental, anatomical, and physiological maturation.
gestational age see gestational age.
mental age the age level of mental ability of a person as gauged by standard intelligence tests.

chro·no·log·ic age (CA),

age expressed in years and months; used as a comparative measure for evaluating a child's mental age in computing the Stanford-Binet intelligence quotient or for evaluating a child's physical, emotional, or physical age.

chronologic age,

the age of an individual expressed as time that has elapsed since birth. The age of an infant is expressed in hours, days, or months. The age of children and adults is expressed in years.

chro·no·log·ic age

(CA) (kron'ŏ-loj'ik āj)
Age expressed in years and months; used as a measurement against which to evaluate a child's mental age in computing the Stanford-Binet intelligence quotient.

chro·no·log·ic age

(CA) (kron'ŏ-loj'ik āj)
Age expressed in years and months from date of birth.
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Several specific skin signs of aging serve as significant predictors of increased risk for ischemic heart disease independent of chronologic age and the standard cardiovascular risk factors, Dr.
Chronologic age is usually only a very rough marker for biologic age.
8%) whose first tooth erupted between the 26th and 40th week chronologic age (normal group) and 52 subjects (61.
The term geriatric oncology "highlights that there is a segment of the population that is potentially vulnerable because of things other than chronologic age.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Antiretroviral therapy has allowed many HIV-infected people to live long enough to grow old, yet their immune systems seem to age rapidly for their chronologic age, a factor that appears to be contributing to increased risks for non-HIV diseases of aging in middle-aged patients, according to several speakers at a meeting on the medical management of HIV and AIDS sponsored by the University of California, San Francisco.
Chronologic age and bone age were not significantly different in any of the girls.
And because the rate of physiologic decline can vary markedly among individuals, chronologic age is not a reliable index of vulnerability.
A child with ODD may have a chronologic age of 10 years, but the maturational age in the domains of flexibility and frustration tolerance may be only 2 years.
The spearman rank correlation between chronologic age and skeletal maturation intervals was 0.
Use chronologic age, not skeletal age, he added, for the simplest estimate of growth remaining.
Developmental processes in early adolescence: relationships between adolescent adjustment problems and chronologic age, pubertal stage and puberty-related serum hormone levels.
Cervical vertebrae shape has been proposed as a diagnostic factor for assessing skeletal maturation in orthodontic patients, while Chronologic age is considered a poor indicator of adolescent development.