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The Saxon Chronicle, as it extended over many hundred years, was of course written by many different people, and so parts of it are written much better than other parts.
Besides causing the Chronicle to be written, Alfred translated Bede's History into English.
Only by the Chronicle were both prose and poetry kept alive in the English tongue.
It supplies the names of the earliest Saxon leaders, Hengist and Horsa (who also figure in the 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicle'), and narrates at length their treacherous dealings with Vortigern.
In that light he figures in the first important work in which native English reemerges after the Norman Conquest, the 'Brut' (Chronicle) wherein, about the year 1200, Laghamon paraphrased Wace's paraphrase of Geoffrey.
Most numerous of all the prose works, perhaps, were the Chronicles, which were produced generally in the monasteries and chiefly in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the greater part in Latin, some in French, and a few in rude English verse.
Geoffrey, a literary and ecclesiastical adventurer looking about for a means of making himself famous, put forth about the year 1136, in Latin, a 'History of the Britons' from the earliest times to the seventh century, in which, imitating the form of the serious chronicles, he combined in cleverly impudent fashion all the adaptable miscellaneous material, fictitious, legendary, or traditional, which he found at hand.
For centuries it was incorporated in outline or in excerpts into almost all the sober chronicles, and what is of much more importance for literature, it was taken up and rehandled in various fashions by very numerous romancers.
Some of the 15 essays in this volume were originally read in Liverpool at a 2014 international conference on the medieval chronicle, and the others were submitted directly for publication.
Summary: ESET has announced it has partnered with Chronicle, an Alphabet company, to provide essential validation on security incidents and alerts within Backstory, Chronicle's global cloud service.
The Year of the People, a musical medley arranged and performed by Italian flute player and Palestine Chronicle Editor, Romana Rubeo.
The Chronicle has observed that today's work demands on parents and the practice of moving children in and out of school, with little family engagement, are exposing children to stress.

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