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The state of being chronic or lasting on a long-term basis.


a state of being chronic.


noun A state of prolonged duration.


Characterized by long duration; the state of being chronic


The quality of being chronic, referring to diseases.

Patient discussion about chronicity

Q. What is a Chronic disease? Please explain what makes a disease be considered chronic?

A. If a disease lasts for a long time or for your life time, it's considered a chronic disease. A person with a chronic disease needs to manage it and treat it all the time.

Q. What Is the Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis? My daughter has been suffering from sinusitis for years now. We've tried all possible drugs but nothing really seems to help her anymore. Is there another option for treating chronic sinusitis?

A. For chronic or recurring sinusitis, referral to an otolaryngologist may be indicated for more specialist assessment and treatment, which may include nasal surgery. However, for most patients the surgical approach is not superior to appropriate medical treatment. Surgery should only be considered for those patients who do not experience sufficient relief from optimal medication. A relatively recent advance in the treatment of sinusitis is a type of surgery called FESS - functional endoscopic sinus surgery, whereby normal clearance from the sinuses is restored by removing the anatomical and pathological obstructive variations that predispose to sinusitis.

Q. What causes a chronic cough? I had a cold for a few days, acompanied with cough. it all passed and the cough stays for over a month now! is it chronical? what to do in that case?

A. i would go check it up with a Dr. it sometimes happen that the disease is longer then is seems. the body fight the infection lowering it down and then it stays in a low level and cause to partial symptoms.
but this is just a guess. you may have another cause.

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