status vertiginosus

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sta·tus ver·ti·gi·no·'sus

a condition in which attacks of vertigo occur in rapid succession.
Synonym(s): chronic vertigo
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"I also suffered from Meniere's disease, a type of chronic vertigo, and have done for 10 years which made it extremely difficult for me to exercise without getting fatigued.
Chronic vertigo usually gets corrected with adequate hydration, bed rest and reduction of stress.
This study could be applied in management of patients with chronic vertigo by dietary therapy or hormone replacement.
All patients were referred to Audiology and Phoniatry Clinic by audiologists because of subchronic or chronic vertigo, dizziness, unbalance.
(65) A recent feasibility study has also reported significant improvement in dizziness handicap inventory (DHI) scores with Osteopathic SMT in 16 adults with chronic vertigo. (83) Similarly, improvement in DHI scores has been reported in a small group of elders in a recent pragmatic single group pre-test/posttest chiropractic intervention study.
Much of the credit for what knowledge we possess is due to a portly, 58-year-old dress manufacturer named Abraham Zapruder, who on November 22, 1963, overcame his chronic vertigo long enough to mount a pedestal in Dallas's Dealey Plaza and record Kennedy's death with a home movie camera.
Astemizole, another highly selective [H.sub.1] inhibitor with little central nervous system penetration, has also been reported to be effective in the treatment of chronic vertigo. (16, 17) In a prospective study, Jackson and Turner evaluated 38 patients with chronic vertigo who exhibited repeatable spontaneous or positional nystagmus.
A drug with a rapid onset of action is required to treat acute vestibular vertigo or ongoing motion sickness, whereas a slow-acting medication is appropriate for chronic vertigo.
An infection may require antibiotics and chronic vertigo often needs anti-nausea drugs
And while she'll give an assailant a swift kick in the nuts in order to sidestep danger, she balks at getting into a lift because of chronic vertigo.
Sixty patients with chronic vertigo undergoing upper cervical chiropractic care to correct vertebral subluxation: A retrospective analysis.
"Left hand on the purple," yelled lead singer Hamdan Al Abri as a terrified and shaky Rami Lakkis who, to be honest, looks an awful lot more comfortable plucking away at the double bass than dealing head-on with chronic vertigo, scanned the wall ahead for a way up.
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