status vertiginosus

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sta·tus ver·ti·gi·no·'sus

a condition in which attacks of vertigo occur in rapid succession.
Synonym(s): chronic vertigo
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Much of the credit for what knowledge we possess is due to a portly, 58-year-old dress manufacturer named Abraham Zapruder, who on November 22, 1963, overcame his chronic vertigo long enough to mount a pedestal in Dallas's Dealey Plaza and record Kennedy's death with a home movie camera.
Left hand on the purple," yelled lead singer Hamdan Al Abri as a terrified and shaky Rami Lakkis who, to be honest, looks an awful lot more comfortable plucking away at the double bass than dealing head-on with chronic vertigo, scanned the wall ahead for a way up.
16, 17) In a prospective study, Jackson and Turner evaluated 38 patients with chronic vertigo who exhibited repeatable spontaneous or positional nystagmus.
A drug with a rapid onset of action is required to treat acute vestibular vertigo or ongoing motion sickness, whereas a slow-acting medication is appropriate for chronic vertigo.
Astemizole: Its use in patients with chronic vertigo and ENG signs--a pilot study of a new drug.
Its use in the treatment of patients with chronic vertigo.
An infection may require antibiotics and chronic vertigo often needs anti-nausea drugs
And while she'll give an assailant a swift kick in the nuts in order to sidestep danger, she balks at getting into a lift because of chronic vertigo.
Jannetta and his colleagues are currently among a select group of specialists investigating the efficacy of vascular decompression surgery as a treatment for chronic vertigo and tinnitus, as well as for people with abnormal heart rhythms, endocrine disorders and certain types of high blood pressure -- including the most common type, called "essential hypertension.
The study included 119 male and female patients with acute or chronic vertigo symptoms of various origins.
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