chronic sinusitis

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chronic sinusitis

Inflammation of the sinuses that empty into the nasal cavity.
Allergic rhinitis, nasal obstruction, deviated nasal septum, tooth abscesses,upper respiratory tract infections (URIs).

chronic sinusitis

Chronic sinus infection ENT Inflammation of the sinuses that empty into the nasal cavity Etiology Allergic rhinitis, nasal obstruction, deviated nasal septum, tooth abscesses, URIs

Patient discussion about chronic sinusitis

Q. What Is the Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis? My daughter has been suffering from sinusitis for years now. We've tried all possible drugs but nothing really seems to help her anymore. Is there another option for treating chronic sinusitis?

A. For chronic or recurring sinusitis, referral to an otolaryngologist may be indicated for more specialist assessment and treatment, which may include nasal surgery. However, for most patients the surgical approach is not superior to appropriate medical treatment. Surgery should only be considered for those patients who do not experience sufficient relief from optimal medication. A relatively recent advance in the treatment of sinusitis is a type of surgery called FESS - functional endoscopic sinus surgery, whereby normal clearance from the sinuses is restored by removing the anatomical and pathological obstructive variations that predispose to sinusitis.

Q. What is the difference between chronic sinusitis and chronic rhinitis? I have chronic rhinitis but it is hard to tell if I have sinusitis.

A. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal cavities. The names specify the location. It can be caused by anything, if gonorrhea bacteria will enter the nasal cavities and infect them- that is sinusitis also. Rhinitis is an inflammation of the internal nose. Again can be caused by anything. The way to differentiate- the sinuses are a closed space. If it fills with liquid too much- it’ll hurt.

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2010 -- First balloon sinuplasty operation conducted on a patient suffering from chronic sinus infection.
Few ailments are more frustrating than a chronic sinus infection.
Perforations have been linked to acute or chronic sinus infection, edema, bleeding, loss of bone graft material, and failure of the implant.
It is used to treat a broad range of nasal conditions, including chronic sinus infection, rhinosinusitis, hay fever, the common cold and allergy symptoms.
Surgery is used to treat chronic sinus infection that has not responded to treatment with medication (usually after about three to four weeks of extensive treatment)," says Dr.
Another cause could be a chronic sinus infection which would need antibiotics.
A: SinoFresh[TM] Nasal & Sinus Care is a revolutionary new product that kills the germs and reduces the mold and bacteria in the nasal passages that cause chronic sinus infection and other related conditions.
The correlation between chronic sinus infection and the bronchopulmonary tree led to a hypothesis that the treatment of sinus disease might lead to a decrease in pulmonary disease; however, studies of the efficacy of sinus surgery in ameliorating the symptoms of cystic fibrosis have yielded mixed results.
Mlicki hadn't pitched since July 22 because of a chronic sinus infection that required surgery.
ATHERE are many possible causes of nose bleeds in rats, such as a chronic sinus infection, fungal infection, a growth in the nose or even high blood pressure.
2010 -- First Balloon sinuplasty operation conducted on patient suffering from chronic sinus infection.
He continued diving for a club after high school until he developed a chronic sinus infection.

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