chronic rhinitis

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chron·ic rhi·ni·tis

a protracted sluggish inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane; in the later stages the mucous membrane with its glands may be thickened (hypertrophic rhinitis) or thinned (atrophic rhinitis).
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Although adenoidectomy is one of the most common procedures performed in young children, it is not an absolute indication for pediatric chronic rhinitis, either allergic or nonallergic.
Chronic rhinitis and its association with headache frequency and disability in persons with migraine: Results of the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention (AMPP) Study.
8 kg/m2), less likely to report SHS exposure in the past 24 hr (36%), and more likely to report COPD (12%) and chronic rhinitis (14%), compared with those recruited on-site (mean age, 51 years; median BMI, 29.
The reason is twofold: (i) patients with chronic rhinitis (CR) may have one of a number of conditions that are more significant and may herald more sinister diagnoses, and (ii) many forms of chronic rhinitis may not respond as well to standard allergic rhinitis therapy.
The control group consisted of 101 patients with no history of chronic rhinitis.
Bruce, who sneezes up to 40 times per hour, has been diagnosed as suffering from rare chronic rhinitis - which was brought on by flu and causes inflammation of the nose.
Practitioners must be careful to avoid prescribing topical corticosteroids for symptomatic treatment of chronic rhinitis to competitive sportsmen and women, who must obey World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules.
Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride Nasal Drops is approved for the treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.
Specific associations between chronic fatigue, chronic rhinitis, and CRS have appeared on several occasions in the literature.
The dermatitis and chronic rhinitis prevalent in these individuals is probably due to some other factor, such as infective processes or a dysfunctional immune system.
4) However, others have found iNOS expression in nasal biopsy and scraping specimens obtained from patients with allergic rhinitis, viral rhinitis, and chronic rhinitis.
One-half of the study subjects were normal, healthy volunteers; the other half were subjects having a history of chronic rhinitis.

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