chronic rhinitis

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chron·ic rhi·ni·tis

a protracted sluggish inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane; in the later stages the mucous membrane with its glands may be thickened (hypertrophic rhinitis) or thinned (atrophic rhinitis).
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From a clinical point of view, chronic rhinitis is defined as the presence of at least one of the following: congestion, rhinorrhea, sneezing, nasal itching, and nasal obstruction, with (AR) or without (NAR) a concordance between symptoms and allergen seasonality [3].
Although chronic rhinitis (CR) is common in children, it is associated with some controversy.
At the moment, the case fulfills the American College of Rheumatology -1990 (ACR-1990) criteria for the diagnosis of granulomatosis with poliangiitis--WG (severe ENT damage: polysinusitis, muco-purulent chronic rhinitis, serous otitis, left mastoiditis with paralysis of the facial nerve, collapse of the nasal pyramid--"saddle nose", all confirmed by histophatologycal examination).
It included 60 patients, diagnosed with allergic or non-allergic chronic rhinitis with inferior turbinate hypertrophy which was refractory to medical therapy.
Giacomelli et al., "Smoking and chronic rhinitis: effects of nasal irrigations with sulfurous-arsenical-ferruginous thermal water.
Analysis of medical records indicated that among patients with excluded diagnosis of asthma, the main causes of coughing and other symptoms of respiratory disease were GERD (48 patients, 47.1%), and chronic rhinitis (42 patients, 41.2%).
Where ongoing rhinitic symptoms present for many months (as for persistent allergic rhinitis), but with no IgE basis, it suggests chronic rhinitis (CR).
Long disturbance of nasal breath results in development of a range of troubles, including chronic rhinitis, a pathology of perirhinal bosoms, an acoustical pipe and middle ear, inflammatory diseases of nasopharynx, a throat and the bottom departments of respiratory ways, negatively affects functioning of cardiovascular system, causes the whole complex of neurologic disturbances (Yunusov and Bogomilskiy, 2001; 2003; Khorov and Shamrilo, 2007; Kryukov, Tsarapkin, Turovskiy, and Kirilenko, 2008).
Keywords: Chronic Rhinitis in Smokers; Thermal Water Nasal Washing; Rhinomanometry; Nasal Cytology; Olfactory Threshold
Chronic rhinitis presents a tremendous and common problem for the healthcare industry.
We considered covariates that were either biologically meaningful potential confounders or statistically significant in univariate analyses: sociodemographics (age, sex, race, educational level), job title, recruitment method, former smoking, body mass index (BMI; weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared), and medical conditions [high blood pressure, history of heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic rhinitis, hay fever].
In general, we strongly discourage use of nasal decongestants to treat chronic rhinitis. Acute sinusitis or severe nasal congestion that is unresponsive to conservative measures may be treated with a short course of one of these agents, provided the patient stops using the drug after 3 to 5 days.

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