chronic rhinitis

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chron·ic rhi·ni·tis

a protracted sluggish inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane; in the later stages the mucous membrane with its glands may be thickened (hypertrophic rhinitis) or thinned (atrophic rhinitis).
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Although adenoidectomy is one of the most common procedures performed in young children, it is not an absolute indication for pediatric chronic rhinitis, either allergic or nonallergic.
The prospective randomized study comprised 60 patients who were consecutively admitted to the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Surgery at Balikesir University Medical School, Balikesir, Turkey, between July and December 2012 with either a diagnosis of allergic or non-allergic chronic rhinitis with severe inferior turbinate hypertrophy which was refractory to medical therapy.
These patients also more often reported symptoms of chronic rhinitis [8].
The study participants consisted of 113 patients diagnosed with chronic rhinitis.
8 kg/m2), less likely to report SHS exposure in the past 24 hr (36%), and more likely to report COPD (12%) and chronic rhinitis (14%), compared with those recruited on-site (mean age, 51 years; median BMI, 29.
Other conditions Smoking worsens the symptoms of asthma, colds, flu, chest infections, tuberculosis, chronic rhinitis, diabetic retinopathy, hyperthyroidism, multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis and Crohn's disease.
Pulmonary function testing might be warranted in patients with chronic rhinitis and symptoms suggestive of concomitant asthma, and sleep evaluation might be appropriate when chronic rhinitis is accompanied by sleep apnea.
9%, respectively), even after controlling for known otitis media risk factors such as asthma, chronic rhinitis, allergies, and exposure to cigarette smoke.
A Dr Sarah Brewer says: "Lack of smell and taste are often related to chronic rhinitis in which inflammation and increased production of mucus block smell receptors in the nose.
3 million office visits were coded for chronic rhinitis, 10.

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