chronic pyelonephritis

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chron·ic py·e·lo·ne·phri·tis

chronic inflammation of the renal parenchyma and pelvis resulting from bacterial infection, characterized by calyceal deformities and overlying large flat renal scars with patchy distribution.
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It is thought that XGPN is a morphologic variant of chronic pyelonephritis, but differs from it with the abundant infiltrate of foam cells, which are thought to be macrophages containing lipids.
The case being reported had SCC of renal pelvis presenting as hydronephrosis and chronic pyelonephritis in the absence of renal calculi and other predisposing factors.
The analysis of repeated microbiological investigations showed that in patients with aggravations of chronic pyelonephritis in 60% of cases the same kind of the infectious agent was preserved, and in 35% cases the change of a microorganism was noted.
Such inflammatory disease in the renal parenchyma is either focal or diffuse and has been found in 0.6-4% of cases with chronic pyelonephritis. Histopathology of the renal parenchyma as well as the diverticulitis is the key to diagnosis.
(RRL), also known as replacement fibrolipomatosis, develops from chronic pyelonephritis. The true pathogenesis is, however, unknown.
Although once thought to be diagnostic of chronic pyelonephritis, glitter cells are associated with dilute or hypotonic urine and may be seen in patients with lower urinary tract infections as well as chronic pyelonephritis.
But 5ft 6in Ceri had ballooned up to 19 stone - and with her condition, chronic pyelonephritis, kidney damage caused by recurrent kidney infections, she could not do much exercise.
Other causes of renal failure included hypertension, chronic pyelonephritis, immunoglobulin A nephropathy, and HIV nephropathy (only one of six patients tested was HIV seropositive).
In animals with chronic pyelonephritis there used to be antecedents of repeated infection in the urinary tract or acute pyelonephritis which leads to the chronic form with renal insufficiency (Maxie 1980).
Third, we did not address the issue of chronic pyelonephritis, which could result from delayed treatment; we included only short-term outcomes.
[USPRwire, Mon Apr 15 2019] The chronic pyelonephritis treatments are subjected to the patient's state which often requires no treatment but most patients go through antibiotics, repeated urine tests, high BP treatments.

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