chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis

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Ha·shi·mo·to thy·roi·di·tis

diffuse infiltration of the thyroid gland with lymphocytes, resulting in diffuse goiter, progressive destruction of the parenchyma and hypothyroidism.

chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis

Hashimoto's disease, see there.


(thi?royd?it'is) [ thyroid + -itis]
Inflammation of the thyroid gland.

chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis

Hashimoto thyroiditis.

giant cell thyroiditis

Thyroiditis characterized by the presence of giant cells, round-cell infiltration, fibrosis, and destruction of follicles.

Hashimoto thyroiditis

See: Hashimoto thyroiditis

postpartum thyroiditis

A brief alteration in thyroid function occurring in the weeks and months after delivery of a child. Affected women typically become temporarily hyperthyroid and then hypothyroid before returning to normal thyroid function.

Riedel thyroiditis

See: Riedel, Bernhard M. K. L.
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13) They found a significant correlation between the incidence of postoperative hypothyroidism and the degree of chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis after unilateral surgery (p = 0.
Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, eponymically referred to as Hashimoto thyroiditis (named after Hakarum Hashimoto, who first described the disease in 1912), is an autoimmune thyroiditis that results from autoantibodies to thyroid-specific antigens.
Levothyroxine sodium may be used to suppress the secretion of thyrotropin in the management of simple nonendemic goiter, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, and thyroid cancer.

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