chronic lung disease

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chronic lung disease



Bronchopulmonary dysplasia.
2. An erroneous term for chronic obstructive lung disease.
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The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has announced almost $5 million in funding for the prevention and management of chronic lung diseases.
Chronic lung disease deaths per 100,000 residents ages 65+: 410.
The researchers reviewed data from two trials involving a total of 140 people with the disorder, all of whom were at a high genetic risk of developing chronic lung disease.
Heart and lung function appear to be intimately intertwined, so that even mild cases of chronic lung disease affect the heart's ability to pump blood, a recent study (New England Journal of Medicine, Jan.
Evidence doesn't support routine vaccination of children with asthma or adults younger than 65 years who don't have chronic lung disease to decrease asthma-related or pneumonia-related hospitalizations (SOR: B, 1 retrospective cohort study and 1 retrospective, case-controlled cohort study).
People with chronic lung disease often believe they arc too short of breath to exercise.
Marty had a long struggle with chronic lung disease.
A BREATHING machine originally designed for mountain climbers has been turned into a new treatment for chronic lung disease.
Cathy Ross, of the British Heart Foundation, said: "Anyone with chronic lung disease or coronary heart disease should avoid staying outside for long periods when pollution levels are high.
The 68-year-old suffers from the chronic lung disease emphysema and told Granada executives she was too sick to continue acting.
Prior research has linked persistent inflammation to heart disease, diabetes, and chronic lung disease.

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