chronic dermatitis

chronic dermatitis characterized by chronic inflammation and pruritus, lichenification (thickening) and excoriation (scratch marks) of affected skin areas
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This project consists of providing training workshops for parents and children with chronic skin diseases and developing the first ever website to allow patients living in remote areas of the Russian Federation to access a consultation with a dermatologist, as well as attend online training seminars for people presenting chronic dermatitis and to increase adherence to therapy for patients as well as their parents, within four Russian territories.
THREE times in my life I've had chronic dermatitis all over my hands .
Eczema is chronic dermatitis and may result from a family history of asthma, hay fever, hives, etc.
Physical examination revealed chronic dermatitis on trunk and face and a perianal fistula.
Acute dermatitis is wet, and chronic dermatitis is dry.
Comparison of two sampling techniques for the detection of Malassezia pachydermatis on the skin of dogs with chronic dermatitis.
5) These features include pruritus, typical skin appearance and pattern of distribution, family or personal history of atopy, and chronic dermatitis in addition to at least three minor features.

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