chronic conjunctivitis

chron·ic con·junc·ti·vi·tis

a persistent, bilateral, conjunctival hyperemia with scanty exudation; there is a tendency toward remission and exacerbation.
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Our patient was also previously diagnosed and treated as a case of chronic conjunctivitis prior to his presentation at our hospital.
present two cases of molluscum contagiosum, a cause of unilateral chronic conjunctivitis.
25% of cases had chronic conjunctivitis, which may have been the cause or sequelae of chronic dacryocystitis.
Chronic conjunctivitis can cause discharge and swollen eyelids.
In fact, recurrent or chronic conjunctivitis in cats is often the result of herpes viral infections which, just as in humans, can return - again and again.
What seems a normal discomfort may be chronic conjunctivitis, which can even make you blind.
Keratitis, chronic conjunctivitis, and all sorts of eye irritations typically respond favorably to acupuncture, and cataracts or even blindness may respond.
It is remarkable that the chronic conjunctivitis and the blepharo-conjunctivitis (60%) show an ocular myalgia at the same time.
2) The earliest ocular manifestation is chronic conjunctivitis, which is sometimes accompanied by dry eye, burning, and/or a foreign-body sensation.
Eye-related symptoms include blurry vision, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, severe light sensitivity, chronic conjunctivitis (pink eye), dry eyes and eye pain.
Herein, we discussed the clinical findings and our treatment of two patients with unilateral chronic conjunctivitis associated with eyelid MC lesions in light of the literature.

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