chronic conjunctivitis

chron·ic con·junc·ti·vi·tis

a persistent, bilateral, conjunctival hyperemia with scanty exudation; there is a tendency toward remission and exacerbation.
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Chronic conjunctivitis can cause discharge and swollen eyelids.
Diaton is effective in obtaining IOP measurements for many challenging patient populations, including: those with chronic conjunctivitis, erosions, edema and corneal dimness; people who have undergone corneal surgeries; and immobilized patients and children.
In fact, recurrent or chronic conjunctivitis in cats is often the result of herpes viral infections which, just as in humans, can return - again and again.
What seems a normal discomfort may be chronic conjunctivitis, which can even make you blind.
It is remarkable that the chronic conjunctivitis and the blepharo-conjunctivitis (60%) show an ocular myalgia at the same time.
Complications of untreated or inadequately treated dacryocystitis can be severe, with mucocele formation, chronic conjunctivitis, and even orbital cellulitis occurring.
2) The earliest ocular manifestation is chronic conjunctivitis, which is sometimes accompanied by dry eye, burning, and/or a foreign-body sensation.
Eye-related symptoms include blurry vision, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, severe light sensitivity, chronic conjunctivitis (pink eye), dry eyes and eye pain.
Compound Allantoin Vitamin B-E and Aminoethylsulfonic Acid eye drops are used to cure chronic conjunctivitis, cornea trauma and congestive conjunctiva.
Other conditions include chronic conjunctivitis where an affected rabbit has a clear or purulent eye discharge.
20, 1997--Alcon's starry-eyed hopes for its chronic conjunctivitis drug Patanol are paying off, according to data recently released by the health care consulting firm Scott-Levin.
Compound Zinc Sulfate Eye Drops have been approved for the treatment of acute and chronic conjunctivitis and trachoma.

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